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Stealth Arms 1911 Phantom Jig - No Mill Needed

Here is a review of a Stealth Arms 1911 Phantom Jig. Got an 80% 1911 aluminum frame? No mill? No problem. These cutters can also cut steel. Check out my ...

2015-04-12 24:09 180,343 YouTube

1911 Slide to Frame Fitting and Fun Fact about Matrix Rail Cutter

Wanted to share my process for Slide to Frame fit, and let you know a little fun fact about the new Matrix Precision 1911 Rail Cutting jig.

2015-12-15 09:28 15,419 YouTube

80% 1911 Build - Part 4: Decking the Frame With Matrix Precision Deck Filing Jig

Using the Matrix Precision filing jig to deck the frame.

2016-02-09 12:48 4,739 YouTube

Tormach 440 PCNC- 1911 80% Build

Here is a video of an 80% build of a Stealth Arms 7075-T6 Aluminum frame with my Tormach 440-PCNC mill. I laid the frame on my welding table the steel ...

2016-06-27 12:03 6,380 YouTube

Wilson Shok Buff Kit for 1911

Recorded on February 26, 2012 using a Flip Video camera.

2012-02-26 06:23 9,385 YouTube

Торжества в Киеве. 1911-й год

Торжества в Киеве в 1911 году. Съемки В.П. Добржанского. Производство фирмы «Пате». Прибыт...

2016-03-3125:38 12 Dailymotion

Matt's Slow Motion 1911 Dual Wield #1

Matt's Slow Motion 1911 Dual Wield #1...

2016-06-0600:26 13 Dailymotion

1911 Trailer

At the beginning of the 20th century, China is in a state of crisis. The country is split into warring factions, the citizens are starving, and recent political...

2016-12-2300:58 1 Dailymotion