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Russian Ship

Russian ship watches Connecticut coast

The Russians are watching the New London Naval Sub base in Groton, from 30 miles offshore. But it appears to be business as usual from outside the sub base ...

2017-02-15 03:14 10,165 YouTube

Trump talks about shooting Russian ship

President Trump discusses the Russian spy ship spotted lurking off the coast of Connecticut.

2017-02-16 01:35 19,240 YouTube

How worried should we be about Russia's spy ship?

Commander Lippold provides insight into the escalation.

2017-02-15 05:23 75,801 YouTube

Russian spy ship 17 miles from Norfolk naval base

Lucas Tomlinson provides latest update.

2017-02-17 02:13 9,903 YouTube

Breaking!!! Russian Ships Ready For...

Breaking!!! Russian Ship Move in On U.S. On Behalf of Syria Join the movement by supporting this channel with a small monthly pledge to Patreon.

2017-04-09 12:40 25,143 YouTube

Why US NAVY will Defeat RUSSIAN Navy _ AGM-158C LRASM (Long Range Anti-Ship Missile) from Lockheed Martin - F-18 simulation with the new cruise missile

The point of reference on Dailymotion for all the Navy, Army, Air Force Videos from everywhere in the world. We have the vastest collection of exciting moments ...

2017-04-0805:15 32 Dailymotion

Russian Spy Ship Again Spotted Again

For the second time in a month a Russian spy ship has been spotted near the US coastline, this time off the coast of Georgia. A US defense official said the Vic...

2017-03-1500:43 8 Dailymotion

Russian spy ship spotted again off US coast

The Russian spy ship, The Viktor Leonov reportedly returned to the East Coast after stopping for fuel in Havana, Cuba last week. The spy vessel, capable of int...

2017-03-1600:53 2 Dailymotion

Russian Spy Ship Back Off U.S. Coast

CBS News reports that A Russian spy ship has reappeared off the U.S. eastern seaboard, sailing just 20 miles south of the U.S. Navy submarine base at King’s B...

2017-03-1500:56 12 Dailymotion