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2017-05-13 06:32 71,292 YouTube

The Most SHOCKING NBA Stat Lines! - Part 2

Part 1 - Sometimes players have ridiculously weird games. In this video, I go over five players who recorded ...

2017-05-18 06:09 87,107 YouTube

Fantasy Football 2017 - Shocking Stats From 2016! - Ep. #348

SHOCKING stats from the 2016 fantasy football season, debating the implications and what to make of them for the 2017 year. They also cover a ton of news in ...

2017-01-31 52:59 3,540 YouTube

10 Mind Blowing Statistics from 2050

2050 is only a short 34 years away. For centuries people have predicted that the future will be taken over by robust robots. But what will 2050 really look like?

2016-08-07 07:32 2,147,056 YouTube

Overweight World - Obesity Facts and Statistics

Most of United States is overweight.This causes a lot health issues. But what are some obesity facts? Subscribe for more interesting infographics: ...

2015-01-06 02:20 223,929 YouTube

Shocking Stats on U.S. Parish Closings

Shocking Stats on U.S. Parish Closings...

2015-09-1310:21 1 Dailymotion

USA - shocking stats!

USA - shocking stats!...

2015-07-0203:40 1 Dailymotion

Islamophobic Bigotry: New FBI Hate Crime Stats Tell the Shocking Story

Islamophobic Bigotry: New FBI Hate Crime Stats Tell the Shocking Story...

2015-06-0102:29 3 Dailymotion

Social Media Shocking Stats

Thank you and hope you enjoyed the video.The social media landscape is changing rapidly and is taking the world by storm. Every single second, social media usag...

2010-11-2401:08 35 Dailymotion